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Summer show

19 & 20/08/2017 our Summer Show will take place in Tienen, Evenementenhal Houtemveld:

Evenementenhal Houtemveld

Sporthalstraat (naast de atletiekpiste)

3300 Tienen

For visitors:

entry between 9h30 and 16h.

Adults: € 5,00

Children -12j, retirees >65j and disabled persons: € 3,00

children under 6 may enter for free.

Judging will take place between 10 and 14h (on-going).

Best in Show is scheduled between 15h and 16h (changes may be possible)

For exhibitors:

This show will stay a bit smaller, so be quick to enter.

Last Belgian Show to qualify for the World Show !!!

enter via:

Closing of entries: 30/07/2017


Entries from FIFe members must be confirmed by their club.

Non-FIFe members may only enter with kittens (4-7 months), juniors (7-10 months), adult cats in class 9 (CAC), neuters in class 10 (CAP), housecats (class 14) or veterans (national class)

questions by mail:


On saturday 19/08/2017, we will organise a barbecue between 12h and 13h.

exhibitors and visitors can enter for this until 1 week before the show. The price is € 16,00 and payment needs to be done when entering. We have a vegetarian alternative.

entry by mail:


Our judges:

Keurmeester - Juge - Judge Cat. Land - Pays - Country
Stephe Bruin All Nederland - Pays-Bas - Netherlands
Gerardo Fraga Y Guzman All Spanje - Espagne - Spain
Caroline Stoa 1 - 2 - D Noorwegen - Norvège - Norway
Marjatta Koskenkangas 1 - 2 - D Finland - Finlande - Finland
Laura Scholten 2 - 3 - 4 Nederland - Pays-Bas - Netherlands
Robert Lubrano 1 - 2- D Frankrijk - France - France
Donatella Mastrangelo All Italië - Italie - Italy



We did not make a deal with a hotel.

You have several possibilities in Leuven, which is less than 30 minutes from the showhall.


Entry fee:

1 day: € 30,00

2 days: € 55,00

housecats / non-recognised breeds / varieties: € 15,00 / day

veterans (> 7j): € 20,00 / day (or € 10,00 per day in combination with regular judging)

FBe-members get a discount of  € 2,50 per cat per day

All exhibitors who enter 3 cats, may enter a 4th cat for free: 3 + 1 free

(only when entered and payd in full before closing of the entries)


NSW 2017

The North Sea Winner show is scheduled for march 4th & 5th 2017 in Kortrijk, Kortrijk Xpo.
All information about this show can be found at the NSW webpage

Entrees via:
Entry Form

Closing of entries is on 11/02/2017. As of 12/02/2017, our entry clerck will contact each FIFe member to confirm if the entered cats are qualified (moe info about qualification requirements can be found here)

Show en seminar in Herselt

Friday 25/11/2016 Felis Belgica organizes a breed workshop about former categorie IV cats for breeders, exhibiters, student judges and judges.
Participation is free. Registration is obligated via:
Every participating cat will receive a discount of € 5,00 per day on their show fee for saturday and sunday.

The show is held for all breeds on 26 & 27/11/2016

Place to be: VTC de Mixx, Asbroek 1H, 2230 Herselt

Class 1 to 12: € 55,00* for 2 days or € 30,00 for 1 day.
*all old cat. IV cats will receive a discount of € 2,50 per day, as do members of FBe.
Housecats and non-recognized breeds: € 15,00 per day


Summer Show 19-20/08/2017

Houtemveld Tienen

Judge Cat Country
Stephe Bruin ALL Netherlands
Gerardo Fraga y Guzman ALL Spain
Caroline Stoa 1-2-D Norway
Marjatta Koskenkangas 1-2-D Finland
Laura Scholten 2-3-4 Netherlands
Donatella Mastrangelo All Italy
Robert Lubrano 1-2-D France
Pupil Judge CAT. Country
Katia Pocci D Italy
Carla Rotini 2 Italy
Isabelle Maillard 3 Switzerland




Celtic Connection


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3300 Tienen

BTW: BE 0897 851 596

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