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National Winners 2020

Cat 1:  

NW Veronicats’ Jasmine – PER ds 11 – Lucie Brems

Cat 2:  

NW Chris Gold Nympha*RU – NEM a 21 – Sarah Moens

NW Racoones Resort Snow White – MCO w 61 – Guy Vermeerbergen

NW & GIP Silent Shadows Oda Mae – MCO f 09 22 – Jan Van Impe

Cat 3:  

NW & IC Bricoccole David Beckham – BSH a – Saskia Schaessens

NW & IC Maui Her Majesty JW – BLH ns 03 22 – Anja Van denEynde

NW & PR & IC Wiklow Valeria – BSH o 02 62 – Saskia Schaessens

Cat 4:   

NW Felineaddict Pipper – OSH ns – Hélène Loffeld

New bank account as of 9/12/2020

Felis Belgica has a new bank account. Please do not send any payments to the old account number. These payments will return to your account.

Our new number:

IBAN: BE89 7390 2077 6185



No more shows in 2020

despite the intention to proceed with our November show, we have to conclude that, given the current evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in Belgium and our neighboring countries, it has proved impossible to organize a show, even under stricter circumstances.

The local authorities, with whom we were in consultation to allow the show to continue, have stated that organizing a cat show is not justified, mainly because of the international character of the show and the expected crisis in the available capacity of the hospitals.


Duffel 29/02 & 01/03 - 2020

Naalstraat 43, BE-2570 Duffel ( Sporthal "POLLEPEL" )

Closing of the entrees at the latest 07/02/2020 @ 23:59  or earlier when the max. amount i sreached

Saturday special MCO

Sunday special NFO

Maximum amount of cats = 300

Judge Cat Country
Kristiina Rautio 1,2,D Finland
Anna Wilczek ALL Poland
Vladimir Isakov ALL Belarus
Yann-Roca Folch ALL France
Caroline Stoa 1,2,4 Norway
Magdalena Kudra 1,2,3,C Poland
Daria Lukasik 1,2,3,C Poland
Carla Rotini 1,2 Italy
Pupil Judge CAT. Country
Phoebe Gu 1-2 China
Adrian Alexandru Dragota 1-2 Romania
Tamara Ellis 4 Netherlands



Celtic Connection





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Felis Belgica vzw
IBAN: BE89 7390 2077 6185


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