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Wevelgem 2013

Entries for Wevelgem are closed.
If you have not recieved your confirmation, please contact the entry office as soon as possible by mail:

Wevelgem: 30/11 & 01/12/2013

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²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²Our next show will be in Wevelgem on november 30th and december 1th 2013.

Saturday 30 november 2013 is dedicated toSacred Birman

Place to be:
Cultuurpad 1, 8560 Wevelgem

For the exhibitors:
Promotion Price for all entries of Sacred Birmans: only € 50,00 for a 2-day entry

New: Kittenpage

Anyone who is looking for a kitten, can from now on see on our website on the tab "Kittens" which kittens with Felis Belgica pedigree are currently available.
Only catteries who are member of Felis Belgica can mention there kittens here.

FIFe General Assembly

The agenda of the FIFe General Assembly is published on the website:
members can send their voting advice concerning the points on the agenda by email to the secretary until 22/05/2013:




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