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Belgian Championship for cats

Saturday 28 et sunday 29 november 2015 the Belgian championship for cats will take place in Herselt.
Place to be: VTC de Mixx, Asbroek 1H, 2230 Herselt

Visitors are welcome between 9h30 and 16h00

Chartreux & Korat Breed Seminar

FIFe and Felis Belgica invite you to attend two Breed Seminars for:

Chartreux & Korat

The Seminars will be held in the English language.

Friday 06.03.2015: 10h00-13h00 and 14h00-17h00

“De Schakel”
Withuisstraat 22
3300 Tienen

Please send note of participation to the seminar before 20.02.2015 to:
Kristof Van Roy, e-mail:

Next Show: Zedelgem (Bruges) - 29 & 30/11/2014

Zedelgem 29 & 30/11/2014
P.O.V. (Sporthal Oude Kazerne)
Diksmuidse Heirweg 6, 8210 Zedelgem
Raymond Alessandro Saetre

Tienen 1 & 2 /03/2014

For the exhibitors:

Veterinary control Saturday 01/03/2014: from 7h00 - 8h30
Veterinary control Sunday 02/03/2014: from 8h00 - 9h00

Show ends when Best in Show is finished (app. 18h00).

Medical conditions:
Vaccinations: Catflew and cat disease (min. 15 days old); Foreign cats must be vaccinated against rabies (min. 21 days old)
Foreign cats must be chipped; White cats must have a veterinary certificate of not being deaf.

For visitors:




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