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Title Registration

As soon as you have decided to show your cats, you can redeem the results by registering the titles, according to the obtained certificates. Those titles will be registered in the Felis Belgica pedigree book and thus will come on every pedigree of the cat's offspring. Off course, only the certificates, achieved on FIFe-shows are accepted. Titles, earned by a traditional way or by other organizations, can be mentioned on the pedigrees when importing the cats pedigree. That way, our members, who wish so, can show in parallel systems. FIFe-certificates are mostly accepted in traditional organizations.

After your cats has gained the required certificates, you can send them (scanned of duplicate), together with the filled out form to the title registration. Make sure to send the certificates maximum 1 month after the last one has been obtained.

As soon as the payment has been received, the responsible for Title registration, will send the title certificate. At that point, the title will be imported in the pedigree book. If you want a champion ribbon to accompany the certificate, it can be ordered and bought at a Felis Belgica show.
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Contacts Title Registration

Title registration :Patrick Ottevaere
Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 306
8400 Oostende
Tel.: +32 (0)475-69.32.19

Bank account: 363-0341701-10
IBAN: BE41 3630 3417 0110
Title registration ( Without rosette)
€ 8,00
CH / PR Rosette
€ 7,00 + Port (€ 5,60)
IC / IP Rosette
€ 9,00 + Port (€ 5,60)
GIC / GIP Rosette
€ 11,00 + Port (€ 5,60)
SC / SP Rosette
€ 13,00 + Port (€ 5,60)
JW / DM / DSM / DVM / NW Rosette
€ 20,00 + Port (€ 9,20)
Title Registration Form

How many certificates do you need to obtain a title
Champion - Premior
3 times
from 3 different judges
International Champion - International Premior
3 times
3 different judges
2 different countries
Great International Champion - Great International Premior
6 times
3 different judges
3 different countries
8 times
4 different judges
2 different countries
Supreme Champion - Supreme Premior
9 times
3 different judges
3 different countries
11 times
6 different judges
2 different countries
attention: certificates gained at other organizations ( Traditional - CFA - TICA ) don't count for the registration of a FIFe title

Title abbreviations
Champion CH
Premior PR
International Champion IC
International Premoir IP
Great International Champion GIC
Great International Premior GIP
Supreme Champion CS
Supreme Premoir PS
World Winner WW
Distinguished Merit DM
Junior Winner JW
Distinguished Show Merit DSM
Distinguished Variety Merit DVM
Scandinavian Winner SW
National Winner NW

Sint-Truiden - 23-24/11/2019

Sportcentrum Sint-Pieter, Olympialaan 10 bus 201, 3800 Sint-Truiden

Closing of the entrees: 3 weeks before the show or when the max is reached...

Saturday special Ragdoll

We have a maximum amount of 240 cats for this show.


Keurmeester Cat Land
Zvezdan Memedov 1&2 Sweden
Kristiina Rautio 1,2,D Finland
Marina Vinkel ALL Estonia
Tellervo Kass 1&2 Finland
Francesco Cinque 3&4 Italy
Donatella Mastrangelo ALL Italy
Leerling Keurmeester CAT. Land
Bernd Pollesche 3 Germany
Audra Navikine 2 Lithuania



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Felis Belgica Bank details

Felis Belgica vzw
IBAN: BE41 3630 3417 0110


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