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Breeding & Registration Commission

The breeding Pedigree Commission (FSC) is responsible for the secretariat pedigree, cattery applications and title records. In this context, the Commission shall provide for the pedigree and they will ensure the proper enforcement of the provisions of the pedigree regulations. For this, they include the power to (do) perform nest checks. The Commission is always available to members of Felis Belgica advise on all aspects of breeding cats. Under the supervision of the Commission's Pedigree Breeding pedigree Secretariat is responsible for issuing pedigrees, pedigree certificates and registration certificates on the basis of what they are transferred litter pedigree and registration requests. Also registered cattery, enter earned titles and keeping dekkaterlijsten are the responsibility of the secretariat pedigree.

Fok & Stamboom Commissie
Commission Chairman : Joeri Vanrusselt
Adjunct Category : 1 & 2 vacant
Adjunct Category : 3 & 4 vacant
Secretary : Chris Naessens
Cattery Registration : Stéphanie Dupont
Titel Registration : Kurt Maene
Contacts secretariaat
Diestsestraat 35 Bus 3
3270 Scherpenheuvel - Zichem
Felis Belgica members in the FIFe Breed Councils
British Shorthair / Longhair Council: Anja van den Eynde
Cornish Rex Council: Kristof Van Roy
Maine Coon Council: Stéphanie Dupont
Ragdoll Council: Corry Husada-Ghesquiere
Tessa Schepers
Mario Groenendijk
Marian Groenendijk
Siamese / Oriental Council : Jo Blomme

Zandvliet 23-24/02/2019

Armenstraatje, Zandvliet

SAT: Cat. 1&2

SUN: Cat. 3&4

Both days 2 certificates.

We have on both days a max. of 160 cats

Judge Cat Country
Veikko Saarela ALL Finland
Jorgen Billing ALL Denmark
Kateryna Ovanesian B-2-3-C Ukraine
Mina Krogh ALL Denmark
Dietmar Sagurski ALL Germany
Anne Paloluoma 1-2-3-C Finland
Olga Sizova ALL Russia
Fanny Tavernise 4 Switzerland
Hana Klein 1-2 Italy


the show is full on both days and the entrees have been closed.


Pupil Judges CAT. Country
Bobby Funk D Germany
Laura Scholten A Netherlands




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