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Chartreux & Korat Breed Seminar

FIFe and Felis Belgica invite you to attend two Breed Seminars for:

Chartreux & Korat

The Seminars will be held in the English language.

Friday 06.03.2015: 10h00-13h00 and 14h00-17h00

“De Schakel”
Withuisstraat 22
3300 Tienen

Please send note of participation to the seminar before 20.02.2015 to:
Kristof Van Roy, e-mail: seminar@felisbelgica.be.

A certificate (training outside the show hall), signed by the lecturing Judges, will be issued to each Student Judge who has remained in attendance for the whole duration of the Seminar.
The value of the certificate, in number of cats, shall be the number of cats present during the Seminar.

9h55 Welcome
10h00 Chartreux:
- History & Breeding by CHA Breed Council
- Chartreux Lecture & Judging by mrs. Eva Wiéland-Schilla & mrs. Katia Pocci
12h45 Lunch
14h15 Korat:
- History & Breeding by KOR Breed Council
- Korat Lecture & Judging by mrs. Anna Wilczek
17h00 End

Kortrijk 17-18/11/2018

SAM: Open Belgian Championschip

Juge Cat Pays
Yann Roca Folch ALL France
Helene Reiter ALL Allemagne
Boris Lupan B1-2-3-C Russie
Vladimir Isakov ALL Bélarus
Adrian Dragota 3 Roumanie
Martin Kabina ALL République tchèque
Laura Burani ALL Italie
Caroline Stoa 1-2-D Norvège
Leerling Keurmeester CAT. Land
Yulia Skabovska D Ukraine
Laura Scholten A Pays-Bas
Małgorzata Pruś B Pologne



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