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International cat show in Zedelgem: 23/09/2012

registration is closed.

On Sunday, 23th of September 2012, our next international Cat Show will be organized in Zedelgem (near Bruges).
Place to be: Sports hall "De Groene Meersen", Stadionlaan 48, 8210 Zedelgem

The invited judges are:
- Stéphane Henry (France)
- Andreas Woelm (Germany)
- Sabine Drieling (Germany)
- Marc Crastucci (France - Corsica)
- Britta Busse (Germany)
- Marianne Kuipers (Netherlands)
- Françoise Dubois (France)
- Bertha Nemcova (Czech Republic)

On this show, we want to give special attention to the Persian.

Visitors are welcome from 9h30 to 17h00

Duffel 29/02 & 01/03 - 2020

Naalstraat 43, BE-2570 Duffel ( Sporthal "POLLEPEL" )

Closing of the entrees at the latest 07/02/2020 @ 23:59  or earlier when the max. amount i sreached

Saturday special MCO

Sunday special NFO

Maximum amount of cats = 300

Judge Cat Country
Kristiina Rautio 1,2,D Finland
Anna Wilczek ALL Poland
Vladimir Isakov ALL Belarus
Yann-Roca Folch ALL France
Caroline Stoa 1,2,4 Norway
Magdalena Kudra 1,2,3,C Poland
Daria Lukasik 1,2,3,C Poland
Carla Rotini 1,2 Italy
Pupil Judge CAT. Country
Phoebe Gu 1-2 China
Adrian Alexandru Dragota 1-2 Romania
Tamara Ellis 4 Netherlands



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