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Clubs and Breed Clubs

The breed clubs and groups of Felis Belgica, groups representing the interests of one or more racial interests. They bring the breeder members within their race (s) together where possible and seek cooperation with similar groups from other associations and breed clubs. The breed clubs and groups are responsible for the organization of specials on the exhibitions in conjunction with the exhibition committee and for their specific race (s) kitten mediation, and relocation services to dekkaterlijsten. They feel uniquely qualified to provide answers to all race-related questions.

The clubs affiliated with Felis Belgica are organisations which organise shows or other events in the interest of their members.
The members of the clubs are automatically affiliated with Felis Belgica regarding registration of cattery and pedigrees.



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Duffel 29/02 & 01/03 - 2020

Naalstraat 43, BE-2570 Duffel ( Sporthal "POLLEPEL" )

Closing of the entrees at the latest 07/02/2020 @ 23:59  or earlier when the max. amount i sreached

Saturday special MCO

Sunday special NFO

Maximum amount of cats = 300

Judge Cat Country
Kristiina Rautio 1,2,D Finland
Anna Wilczek ALL Poland
Vladimir Isakov ALL Belarus
Yann-Roca Folch ALL France
Caroline Stoa 1,2,4 Norway
Magdalena Kudra 1,2,3,C Poland
Daria Lukasik 1,2,3,C Poland
Carla Rotini 1,2 Italy
Pupil Judge CAT. Country
Phoebe Gu 1-2 China
Adrian Alexandru Dragota 1-2 Romania
Tamara Ellis 4 Netherlands



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