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FIFe General Assembly

The agenda of the FIFe General Assembly is published on the website:
members can send their voting advice concerning the points on the agenda by email to the secretary until 22/05/2013:

P&O ferries

Members who want to go to show in the UK, can profit, thanks to Felis Belgica, from a cheaper rate at P&O Ferries for all trips from Calais, Zeebrugge or Rotterdam.

For more information concerning the exact cost, please contact the club.

Felis Belgica Kledij

Members and sympathizers can order clothing from Felis Belgica with our logo and your own cattery name.
On the shirts will, besides the ones as visible in the picture, be a large logo of Felis Blegica on the backside.

You can order the clothes trough this contact or at the infodesk at one of our upcomming events. As soon as payment has been recieved, the clothes will be transferred as agreed (at one of the next events or by post). All postal costs will be charged extra.

International cat show in Zedelgem: 23/09/2012

registration is closed.

On Sunday, 23th of September 2012, our next international Cat Show will be organized in Zedelgem (near Bruges).
Place to be: Sports hall "De Groene Meersen", Stadionlaan 48, 8210 Zedelgem

The invited judges are:
- Stéphane Henry (France)
- Andreas Woelm (Germany)
- Sabine Drieling (Germany)
- Marc Crastucci (France - Corsica)
- Britta Busse (Germany)
- Marianne Kuipers (Netherlands)
- Françoise Dubois (France)
- Bertha Nemcova (Czech Republic)




Celtic Connection





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