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FBe Shows

24 & 25/02/2018 our next Show will take place in Herve, in Hall de Criées:

Hall de Criées
Rue de Charneux 94
4650 Herve (near Liège / Lüttich)

For visitors:

entry between 9h30 and 16h30.

Judging will take place between 10 and 14h (on-going).

Best in Show is scheduled between 15h and 17h (changes may be possible)

Fees for visitors:

adults: € 5,00
-12, +65 and disabled persons: € 3,00, only if proof is provided
chrildren < 1 m: free

For exhibitors:

enter via:

Closing of entries: 04/02/2018
payment needs to be recieved before closing of entries


Entries from FIFe members must be confirmed by their club.

Non-FIFe members may only enter with kittens (4-7 months), juniors (7-10 months), adult cats in class 9 (CAC), neuters in class 10 (CAP), housecats (class 14) or veterans (national class)

questions by mail:



We did not make a deal with a hotel.


Entry fee:

1 day: € 30,00

2 days: € 50,00

housecats / non-recognised breeds / varieties: € 20,00 / day

veterans (> 7j): € 20,00 / day (or € 10,00 per day in combination with regular judging)

FBe-members, NFO & MCO entries get a discount of  € 5,00 per cat, but only for 2-day entries
Discount is only valid in case of a 2-day entry and when entered and paid in full before 04/02/2018

Herve 24 & 25/02/2018
Hall de Criées, Rue de Charneux 94 - 4650 Herve

Judge Cat Country
Nico Padovano 1-2 Italy
Andreas Woelm 1-2 Germany
Annika Berner 1-2 Sweden
Daria Lukasik 1-2-3-C Poland
Mira Fonsén ALL Finland
Marteinn Tausen B-2-3-4 Iceland
Raymond Saetre 1-2 Norway
Marie Westerlund ALL Sweden
Anna Wilczek ALL Poland
Pupil Judge CAT. Country
Marc Girardin 3-4 France
Yulia Skabovska D Ukraine

Calender 2018

12-13/05/2018 Zandvliet

18-19/08/2018 Tienen

17-18/11/2018 Kortrijk


Zandvliet 12-13/05/2018

2 Certificates on 1 day: Saturday Cat. 1&3 // Sunday Cat. 2&4

Max. amount of cats per day = 160 !!!

entrees open on 01/03/2018

we only accepted entrees done trough our online system.

Judge Cat Country
Dietmar Sagurski ALL Germany
Thea Friscovec ALL Swetzerland
Lone Lund ALL Denmark
Linda Knyova B-2-3-C Rep. Czech
Elin Hoffner 3-4 Sweden
Kristiina Rautio 1-2-D Finland
Charles Spijker All Netherlands
Alexey Shchukin All Netherlands
Pupil Judge CAT. Country
Boris Lupan D Russia


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