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FBe Shows

Our next show will take place on 18 & 19 august 2018. The show will take place in Tienen:

Evenementenhal Houtemveld
3300 Tienen

Like usual, our summershow will be a relaxed show. All cats may participate both days: 1 certificate per day.
This show, in cooperation with the Rexes and sphynxes club ( )  we will do something extra for all naked breeds and breeds with a special coat: Sphynx, Don Sphyx, Peterbald, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, German Rex, Selkirk Rex, LaPerm
But non-recognised breeds may participate as well. Breeds like Lykoi, American Wirehair, Bohemian Rex, Ural Rex, Tenesse Rex, ...

For Visitors:

dores are open between 9h30 and16h30.

Judging of the cats will take place between 9h and 14h (ongoing).
The Best in Show will take place between 15h and 17h (this may vary a bit)

Entry fees for visitors (2 day-entry):

adults: € 5,00
-12, +65 and disabled persons: € 3,00
kids < 1 meter: free

For exhibitors:

Besides the normal judging, we will also organise a ring for all naked and rexed breeds on sunday 19/08/2018. On saturday and sunday, we will have seminars for exhibitors and pupil judges (incl. a practical session for pupils - all exhibitors participating in the show, also participate with the seminar and the specials).

Entries via:

Closing of entries: 01/08/2018 or sooner in case we reach our maximum capacity (250 cats)

Entries of FIFe members must be confirmed by their club.
Non-FIFe members may only enter kittens (4-7 months), juniors (7-10 months), adults in class 9  (CAC), neuters in class 10 (CAP) or housecats (klasse 14)

Questions by mail:



no arrangements have been made



When entered and paid in full before 01/07/2018 - 1 cat: € 50,00
FBe members and participants of the special  (rexes and naked cats) only pay € 45,00 per cat, in case they enter and pay before 01/07/2018

In case of entry and / or payment after 01/07/2018: 1 cat - € 55,00
In case of entry and / or payment after 01/08/2018 (if still possible): 1 cat - € 60,00

1-day entry: always € 30,00

housecats / veterans / non recognised breeds and varieties:  € 40,00 / cat when entered and paid before 01/07/2018
In case of entry and / or payment after 01/07/2018: € 45,00
In case of entry and / or payment after 01/08/2018 (if still possible): € 50,00
veteran in combination with a regular judging: + € 20,00 in addition to the showfee

Judge Cat Country
Satu Hämäläinen ALL Finland
Pam DelaBar (CFA) ALL Finland
Sebastian Pruchniak ALL Poland
Eric Reijers ALL Czech Rep.
Anna Wilczek ALL Poland
Ad de Bruijn A,3,4 Netherlands
Robert Nowak 3,4 Poland
Pupil Judge CAT. Country
Yulia Skabovska D Ukrain
George Dorgiakis 1,2 Greece
Linnea Höglund 3 (&4) Sweden
Laura Scholten A Netherlands

Agenda 2018

17-18/11/2018 Kortrijk




FBe Summer Show 17&18/08/2019

Houtemveld Tienen

Closing of the entrees: 3 weeks before the show or when the max is reached...

Saturday KORAT special


Keurmeester Cat Land
Mats Askett 1&2 Sweden
Marcin Biernaczyk 3&4 Poland
Jurgita Gustaitiene ALL Lithuania
Pia Nyman B-2-3-4 Finland
Steven Jones ALL Norway
Marie Westerlund ALL Sweden
Leerling Keurmeester CAT. Land
Georges Dorgiakis 2 Greece
Lizz Parry 4-3 Switzerland
Caroline Stoa 3 Norway

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