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Exhibition Committee

The exhibition committee will ensure that on regular cat shows are held in accordance with the provisions of Fife on the organization of such exhibitions. It is the committee that advises the government about the locations and dates of the exhibitions and the practical organization of it takes on.

Exhibition Committee
Showmanager: Nico De Jaeck
Chief Steward: VACANT
Secretary: Kristof Van Roy
responsable logistics: Nico De Jaeck


Show Contacts


Registration Office FBe :
Pupil Judges:
Kristof Van Roy
Tel.: +32 (0)499-77.09.70
Applications Stewards : E-mail:
Reclame Cataloog : Joeri Vanrusselt
Tel.:+32 (0)477-58.34.36
Standen - Op / Afbouw - PR : Nico De Jaeck
Showhal- Show Info - Catering : Nico De Jaeck


Sint-Truiden - 23-24/11/2019

Sportcentrum Sint-Pieter, Olympialaan 10 bus 201, 3800 Sint-Truiden

Closing of the entrees: 3 weeks before the show or when the max is reached...

Saturday special Ragdoll

We have a maximum amount of 240 cats for this show.


Keurmeester Cat Land
Zvezdan Memedov 1&2 Sweden
Kristiina Rautio 1,2,D Finland
Marina Vinkel ALL Estonia
Tellervo Kass 1&2 Finland
Francesco Cinque 3&4 Italy
Donatella Mastrangelo ALL Italy
Leerling Keurmeester CAT. Land
Bernd Pollesche 3 Germany
Audra Navikine 2 Lithuania



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