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Felis Belgica is composed of five separate committees within their area will ensure the smooth running of the association and ensure that our members are backed up:

- Disciplinary Committee

- Breeding Pedigree Committee

- Health and Welfare Committee

- Exhibition Committee

- Editorial Committee

The Executive Board ensures the necessary coherence between the various committees. Each member of Felis Belgica can apply to be part of one or more committees. The Executive Board appoints the candidates.

The Disciplinary Commission (DCO)

The Disciplinary Commission (DCO) advises the central administration acts when committed in violation of the statutes and regulations and FIFe Felis Belgica or when complaints involving a suspicion that the same rules and regulations were violated. All complaints must be submitted in writing to the secretary of Felis Belgica or the president if the complaint about the acting secretary:E-mail

Chairperson : Kristof Van Roy
Acting Member : -
Acting Member :



The breeding Pedigree Commission (FSC)

The breeding Pedigree Commission (FSC) is responsible for the secretariat pedigree, cattery applications and title records. In this context, the Commission shall provide for the pedigree and they will ensure the proper enforcement of the provisions of the pedigree regulations. For this, they include the power to (do) perform nest checks. The Commission is always available to members of Felis Belgica advise on all aspects of breeding cats. Under the supervision of the Commission's Pedigree Breeding pedigree Secretariat is responsible for issuing pedigrees, pedigree certificates and registration certificates on the basis of what they are transferred litter pedigree and registration requests. Also registered cattery, enter earned titles and keeping dekkaterlijsten are the responsibility of the secretariat pedigree.

Breeding Commision
Commission Chairman : Joeri Vanrusselt
Adjunct Category : 1 & 2 vacant
Adjunct Category : 3 & 4 vacant




Secretary : Chris Naessens
Cattery Registration : Stéphanie Dupont
Titel Registration : Philip Bervoets
Contacts secretariaat
Vossebeekstraat 2
8480 Ichtegem
+32 (0)474-97.90.40


Felis Belgica members in the FIFe Breed Councils
British Shorthair / Longhair Council: Anja van den Eynde
Cornish Rex Council: Kristof Van Roy
Maine Coon Council: Stéphanie Dupont
Ragdoll Council: Corry Husada-Ghesquiere
Tessa Schepers
Mario Groenendijk
Marian Groenendijk
Siamese / Oriental Council : Jo Blomme
Sphynx: Philip Bervoets


The Health and Welfare Committee (GWC)

The Health and Welfare Committee (GWC) advises the board and members of Felis Belgica health and welfare of cats. In order to the committee is assisted by an advisory veterinarian. The committee is responsible for health policy and veterinary controls on the events and steps shall monitor compliance with welfare rules within Felis Belgica. The committee, the members of Felis Belgica example, advice on carrying out genetic tests for the breeding, the measures to be taken to isolate outbreaks, or establishment of animal shelters in order to increase their general welfare

Health & Welfare Commission
Commission Chairman: Kristof Van Roy
Secretary: -
Acting Member: Marcel Hogenboom
Acting Member: Michele Lateur



The exhibition committee

The exhibition committee will ensure that on regular cat shows are held in accordance with the provisions of Fife on the organization of such exhibitions. It is the committee that advises the government about the locations and dates of the exhibitions and the practical organization of it takes on.

Exhibition Committee
Showmanager: Philip Bervoets
Chief Steward: Stijn Laureys
Secretary: Kristof Van Roy


Show Contacts


Registration Office FBe :
Pupil Judges:
Kristof Van Roy
Tel.: +32 (0)499-77.09.70
Applications Stewards : E-mail:
Reclame Cataloog : Joeri Vanrusselt
Tel.:+32 (0)477-58.34.36
Standen - Op / Afbouw - PR : Kristof Van Roy
Showhal- Show Info - Catering : Kristof Van Roy


The editorial committee


The editorial committee is responsible for the publication of the 4-month membership magazine and the mid-newsletters. Also the management of the website and followed the show editors from the editorial board. Do you have nice stories or photos (min. 200 dpi) for the members' magazine, the newsletter or website, please send it certainly to the editor: E-mail


Chief Editor NL: Vacant
Chief Editor FR: Stéphanie Dupont
Showredactie : Vacant
Webmaster : Kristof Van Roy


Duffel 29/02 & 01/03 - 2020

Naalstraat 43, BE-2570 Duffel ( Sporthal "POLLEPEL" )

Closing of the entrees at the latest 07/02/2020 @ 23:59  or earlier when the max. amount i sreached

Saturday special MCO

Sunday special NFO

Maximum amount of cats = 300

Judge Cat Country
Kristiina Rautio 1,2,D Finland
Anna Wilczek ALL Poland
Vladimir Isakov ALL Belarus
Yann-Roca Folch ALL France
Caroline Stoa 1,2,4 Norway
Magdalena Kudra 1,2,3,C Poland
Daria Lukasik 1,2,3,C Poland
Carla Rotini 1,2 Italy
Pupil Judge CAT. Country
Phoebe Gu 1-2 China
Adrian Alexandru Dragota 1-2 Romania
Tamara Ellis 4 Netherlands



Celtic Connection





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